About Us

Innovation has always been Jeff Chastain’s driving force.

After a decade of working his way into the top echelon of the professional and celebrity hairstyling business, Jeff decided in 2009 that the industry was due for a major shakeup.

His years of experience revealed an annoying flaw in the products he saw and used: each product from every brand had a distinct, singular hair result. There was no multi-use or all-in-one hair product available to professionals or consumers, and this was by design: major brands want you to buy as many SKUs as possible.

In all his experience, there was no way for men or women to get the perfect balance of texture, hold, and volume without using multiple hair products. No all-in-one solution that provides a salon-quality look without the use of anything else.

Until Parlor by Jeff Chastain.

Jeff opened his salon “Parlor” in 2009 to perform the work he enjoyed most and to build a team of industry-leading professionals with various passions and specialties. Together, he hoped that Parlor could provide a creative haven for his wide-ranging network of cohorts to brainstorm, educate one another, and share their experiences.

This quickly caught on, and soon after he opened the salon, Parlor evolved into a hairstylist think tank where a variety of professionals could come in, meet clients, share their ideas, and help perpetuate a close-knit community of forward thinkers.

That is the ethos that inspired and ultimately established the Parlor by Jeff Chastain product line.

Parlor products organically grew out of all the wealth of knowledge and experience the Parlor think tank produced. As he and his colleagues worked side-by-side, Jeff tried variations of unique, custom-developed hair products in order to fine-tune results, receive insightful feedback, and collaborate with other professionals from all walks of the industry. Along the way, Jeff was perfecting hairstyling products that sought to be one-stop solutions.

Now, Parlor by Jeff Chastain has been perfected and made available to the public for the first time ever. Jeff has dedicated his career to producing perfect hair solutions that provide texture, hold, and volume for men and women of all ages and hair types.

Parlor products represent nearly 30 years of experience, a custom-made salon experience packed into bottles so you can take Jeff’s expertise home with you.


Jeff Chastain is New York City-based stylist with over 20 years of experience.

Jeff’s celebrity clientele includes Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Arianna Huffington, Jonathan Tucker, Jenna Fischer, Jemima Kirke, Sam Rockwell, and Leslie Bibb. He is the personal hair stylist for Kristen Taekman of the Real Housewives of New York City.