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The all-in-one, multi-tasking shampoo you’ve been waiting for. And the perfect complement to our Repairing and Smoothing Conditioner.

An end-to-end shampoo solution for all hair types. The Repairing and Smoothing Shampoo’s lightweight but robust formula gently cleanses while leaving hair feeling softer and straighter and looking smooth and shiny.

For medium to coarse hair with dryness or damage from heat styling, this uniquely restorative composition is the remedy you need to nourish and strengthen hair.

Signature fragrance combination of ripe peach, white woods, and fresh-cut grass.

Lemongrass extract sheens, shines, and gently cleanses while preserving natural oils.

Sweet almond extract protects hair fibers and adds softness, volume, and brilliance.

Oat kernel extract makes hair more manageable for conditioning.

Panthenol increases resistance to damage and brittleness while moisturizing scalp.

We’re not saying it’s the greatest shampoo in the world . . . but it’s not not the greatest shampoo in the world.


  • Best for

    Medium to coarse hair that tends to be dry and/or damaged from heat styling.
  • Benefits

    Gently cleanses hair to leave it feeling soft and strong and looking smooth and shiny. Hair will smell fresh with PARLOR's addictive signature fragrance of ripe peach, fresh cut grass and white woods.
  • Key Ingredients

    Lemongrass extract - gently cleanses the hair without stripping natural oil and imparts sheen and body.

    Sweet almond extract – protects hair fibers and infuses softness, volume, and brilliance into weak or damaged hair.

    Oat kernel extract - helps improve manageability while conditioning hair.

    Panthenol - increases hair resistance to damage and brittleness while keeping the scalp moisturized. Also promotes normal keratinization.

  • Directions

    Massage a small amount evenly through wet hair and work into a lather. Rinse and repeat if desired.



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